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IAHD’s commitment to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families remains as strong as ever, but quality programs require abundant resources. Your donations will help us support people by making their expression of choice and hope possible.


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Family Support Services

IAHD provides a multitude of supports and services to assist individuals and their families with accessing the full range of resources available to them. Medicaid Service Coordination, parent training, respite and entitlement assistance are just a few of the services we offer to individuals and their families. Every activity upholds IAHD’s commitment to assisting families.


Residential Services

Home should be a special place that offers comfort and provides a sense of belonging. IAHD’s homes are located in urban and suburban settings in both Bronx and Westchester Counties. Individuals are encouraged to become active members of their community by participating in all of the events their neighborhoods have to offer. Our homes and apartments are available to fit different needs and lifestyles.


Day Services and Individualized Supports

Our Day Services and Individualized Supports program assists individuals with helping to achieve personal dreams by offering creative activities specifically tailored to one’s interests. IAHD also provides therapeutic skills development to maximize opportunities for learning, self-actualization and socialization. A broad menu of options allows people to explore, discover and choose what works for them.


From the Blog


IAHD - A Proud Participant at Scarsdale’s High School STEAM Event

Students of today are increasingly becoming more adept at technology, and high schools around the country are adjusting their curriculums to help students become more proficient in STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. Recently, IAHD Tarrytown was invited to participate in a project with the STEAM students at Scarsdale High School. The students built their own adaptive switches, and then, they modified toys and art activities so they could be activated by switches. These adaptations increase the ability of individuals with limited motor mobility to engage in meaningful activities. Read more about this amazing collaboration between IAHD and Scarsdale High School.


St. Mary's Proves that Science Can Be Fun

Innovative, exhilarating and informative…these are all descriptions of the latest venture at St. Mary’s where IAHD’s first ever Science Fair was held in November. Preparation for the fair took place over several weeks as the groups selected topics, conducted research and prepared their displays. They used the computer and the library to gather information, and then, participants painted, pasted and applied different media to prepare the displays. There were many opportunities to practice speaking and presentation skills to the audience who wanted to know about each display. The fair was held on November 22, 2017, and by all accounts, it was a huge success. Read below to learn more about the St. Mary’s Science Fair!