IAHD’s mission is to provide a broad spectrum of supports to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. IAHD is committed to providing supports to people throughout their lives, to assist them in community living, achievement of growth potential and to facilitate their ability to make appropriate choices. IAHD will work tirelessly to ensure that the individuals we support are able to experience inclusion and integration within the communities where they live, learn and work.


IAHD’s core value is that all life is sacred and that every person is entitled to the same respect and opportunity as other members of society. IAHD values the contributions, culture and talents of its work force and of the men and women we support. IAHD offers dynamic learning and working environments that provide maximum opportunities for everyone to develop skills and enhance prospects for self-discovery and growth.


The cornerstone of IAHD's philosophy is our belief that all individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are able to benefit from habilitation training to reach their maximum potential. IAHD has dedicated itself to supporting behaviorally, physically, cognitively and communicatively challenged individuals with the provision of creative and responsive services that consider individual strengths and interests, promote self-expression and independence and foster community integration. Another guiding philosophy is our belief in the benefits of partnering with parents, and to that end, IAHD facilitates parent training and advocacy through its active parents’ groups, encourages parent participation and abides by its by-laws to maintain 51% family representation on its Board of Directors.


From volunteer opportunities to community memberships to neighborhood events, IAHD's presence within the community is proactive and positive. Community participation is an important part of all programs that IAHD offers. IAHD practices person-centered planning, and individuals whom we support are encouraged to engage in community experiences to reach their goals. IAHD provides people with a variety of experiences to help them define their interests and find meaning in the activities they join. On a daily basis, individuals supported by IAHD shop at community stores and retail warehouses, participate in programs offered by the parks department and community centers, use memberships at gyms and cultural locations, intern in our community art gallery and participate in a wide range of sports activities and league play. IAHD is firmly committed to ensuring that individuals experience inclusion and integration in the communities where they live, learn and work and that they continue to receive supports in their homes as they age.

Leadership & Governing Body

Stanley E. Silverstein, Executive Director
Senior Management
  • Omayra Andino, Chief Operating Officer
  • Kerry Brady, Chief Compliance Officer
  • Quincy McLain, Chief Financial Officer
  • Bruce Stern, Director, Human Resources
  • Ana Koessler, Director, Family & Social Services
  • Cara Levy, Director, Clinical Services
  • Paulette Mapp, Director, Residential Services, Southern Division
  • Natalie Morgan-Williams, Director, Residential Services, Northern Division
  • Roberto Rodriguez, Director, Behavioral Health Services
  • Pam Sclafani, Director, Advancement & Community Engagement
  • Vincent St. Mark, Director, Workforce Development
Board of Directors
  • Mary K. St. Mark, Chairperson
  • Jeffrey Winik, Vice Chairperson
  • Matthew Kiamie, 2nd Vice Chairperson
  • Padraic Reynolds, Treasurer
  • Regina Martucci, Secretary
  • Michael Agovino
  • Mary Bonsignore
  • Iris Coleman
  • Jeffrey DiNapoli
  • Elaine Jones
  • Paul H. Kim, MD
  • Mike Reynolds
  • Howard Rosenzweig
  • Patricia Schuckle
  • Anna Mae Vener
  • Michael Winik