Chiniqua Williams Excels in Medical Specialist Position

By Cara Levy | 04/10/17 09:37AM

Caring and Conscientious in her Job as Medical Specialist

Chiniqua Williams received the April, 2017 distinction of Employee of the Month at the monthly award ceremony, hosted by IAHD’s senior administrative staff. She was nominated for this award by her Supervisor and Area Coordinator, Frank Matheny. Below is the description from the nomination form that characterizes Ms. Williams’ job performance, earning her the award recognition.

“Ms. Williams has been shown to be very supportive with some of our more behaviorally involved individuals when they go on their medical appointments. She has been able to encourage them to attend their appointments on a regular basis, which, in the past, had been difficult. Ms. Williams does a superb job of sending team members detailed emails after every medical appointment…. these emails have kept everyone on the same page. She is very diligent at following up on medical matters….ensuring that all medical consents are forwarded to the correct parties and ensuring that they are signed. Her continued efforts of going above and beyond are the reasons for this nomination.”  Congratulations to Chiniqua!