Colors and Music Abound at IAHD’s Caribbean Celebration

By Cara Levy | 07/25/17 03:23PM

A Carnival of Caribbean Cultures

Each Caribbean island has its own culture and customs, but today’s celebration had a distinct message of unity, as everyone joined together to celebrate all things Caribbean! The groups prepared diligently for their presentations, and they researched and presented the contribution of many influential people, including Sidney Poitier (Bahamas), Marcus Garvey (Jamaica) and Oscar de la Renta (Dominican Republic), to name just a few.

Besides filling our senses with the sights and sounds of the Caribbean, the Bainbridge staff made sure that we experienced a full range of Caribbean tastes. What a delicious treat we had! For sure, the Caribbean American Heritage Celebration was an unforgettable “carnival” of life, resplendent with cultural pride, humanity and unity.