Communication is Key

By Cara Levy | 01/27/17 02:09PM

“Communication Leads to Community, that is, to Understanding, Intimacy and Mutual Valuing.” – Rollo May

When people have communication disorders, they have difficulty understanding speech, forming the sounds and words to produce speech and using vocabulary and linguistic content to meaningfully express themselves. These challenges lead to frustration, behavioral challenges and social isolation. The main goal of the Speech Pathologists is to help people communicate whatever is important to them. Some individuals may want to signal they want a drink or to go for a walk. Some individuals might like to tell a support worker, “Thank you” or to say “Happy birthday” to a friend or family member. We all communicate about different topics, and IAHD’s Speech Pathologists have implemented activities to ensure that everyone has a chance to be heard.

Sign language has long been recognized as a valued communication tool for people who are not able to speak. To facilitate signing and to ensure that the staff feels comfortable in using signs, binders with functional signs have been distributed to each group. Every month, signs are also taught around a current topic. IAHD is now using a digital program called Brain Pop which is via our computers and viewed on a large screen TV format. With its many relevant videos on daily life activities, this teaching tool lends itself to group discussion on a variety of topics. IPADS are being utilized throughout the program to help people communicative via a picture oriented tool known as Proloquo, although many individuals have indicated a preference for using IPADs to engage with other stimulating learning and creativity applications. Speech Pathologists are leading a Women’s Group to facilitate communication about topics important to the group members, and a Soft Skills Communication Class is offered to enhance communication skills in the workplace. 

Speech Pathologists believe that communication enriches all of our lives. In the interest of communication, we invite you to join the conversation.