IAHD Walks for Autism Awareness

By Sohodra Singh | 05/03/17 04:05PM

Program Goes All Out to Raise Awareness for Autism

It takes a huge effort to organize a community walk, but Ms. Philipcia Joseph, the Bainbridge Day Program Administrator, was never one to back down from a good challenge. Encouraged by the success of her annual Fall Breast Cancer Walk, Ms. Joseph set her sights on organizing a successful Walk for Autism. What a success it was!. The building was decorated to highlight the event, and all participants were given beautiful blue T-shirts imprinted with “IAHD Walk for Autism 2017.” The campaign featured the blue color and puzzle pieces which represent the “puzzle of autism” and the symbol of many autism advocates.

Many individuals from IAHD participated in the event including individuals who attend the program, support, management and clinical staff. During the walk, one individual actually cried tears of happiness and excitement as he participated in the group event. Other individuals were photographed smiling, holding up banners and demonstrating their pride in representing IAHD in this campaign to increase awareness and support of people with autism. Staff led a chant of “IAHD for Autism,” and community on-lookers cheered and waved all along the Bainbridge, Gun Hill and Jerome walking route.  Even the weather cooperated so this event could get the attention it deserved. Ms. Joseph noted that these walks will continue to be a tradition at Bainbridge Avenue as everyone enjoys actively participating for a worthwhile cause.