March’s Employee of the Month Shines in Varied Job Tasks

By Cara Levy | 03/16/17 01:06PM

Employee of the Month Lauded for “Unsurpassed Conscientiousness”

It is an honor for a staff to be recognized by IAHD’s administration as the Employee of the Month, and when the nomination comes from Dr. Louis, IAHD’s Associate Executive Director, it signals unparalleled job performance and high recognition. We congratulate Laura by posting Dr. Louis’ nomination form.  

“Unquestionably, a tremendous asset to the organization, Laura is kind to all the individuals, particularly the ones with significant behavior challenges. Willing to do anything to help achieve the agency’s mission, she is the superstar matron, the supportive direct support professional, the very best record organizer and the kindest of staff. She gets along well with co-workers, supervisors and parents. Laura is unpretentious, tends to details and shows unsurpassed conscientiousness. Instead of avoiding work, she invites it. Finally, she takes pride in all she does, and that is why she works in every department and for everyone.” Congratulations, Laura!