November Celebrations at IAHD

By Cara Levy | 12/04/17 04:58PM

Tribal Dances, Reading, Fashion Shows Characterize IAHD’s Heritage Day Celebration

IAHD staff and participants did their research to get ready for the Heritage Day Celebration. They selected different states and studied the Tribes that were indigenous to those areas. A Coddo tribal dance represented the Coddo Tribe from Oklahoma, a dance and reading celebrated the native Kanaka Maoli from Hawaii, a musical march reflected the Cherokees of Georgia and a reading of “The Legend of the Dreamcatcher” was a part of the celebration of the Cherokee Tribe from Arizona.  Other groups celebrated the Seneca Tribe from New York, the Yamassee Tribe from South Carolina and the Nanticoke Lenii-Lanape Tribe from New Jersey. Our “travel” around the United States on this special day was truly a celebration of tradition and customs and yielded a poignant appreciation of America’s rich and diverse history.