Star Employee Emerges from a Change of Auspice Opportunity

By Cara Levy | 05/05/17 11:38AM

Deborah Street Receives Recognition as May’s Employee of the Month

Ms. Deborah Street is the Medical Specialist at the Esplanade Home in Mount Vernon. As the Medical Specialist, she accompanies the individuals who reside in that house on their medical appointments. The Medical Specialist is charged with the responsibility of advocating and communicating for the individuals when they go on appointments, of ensuring their health and safety and of reporting back to the management, nursing and medical staff what transpired at the appointments so the necessary follow up can be provided.

Ms. Street was recognized for the level of care she provides to the individuals and her commitment to her job. The nomination was made by the Residential Director, Ms. Natalie Morgan-Williams. The following is an excerpt of the very deserving nomination: “Ms. Street makes herself available at a moment’s notice and is always willing to assist, if and when necessary….. She has developed great relationships with many of the parents at Esplanade, who frequently comment on her diligence and the sincere care she shows towards their loved ones.”  Ms. Street, we applaud you and thank you!