The Recipe for Independence: Support, Friends, Family

By Cara Levy | 02/15/17 04:30PM

Meet Senovio Hernandez – IAHD’s Employee of the Month

Everyone who enters the front doors at IAHD’s Tarrytown Day Habilitation program has experienced the warm greeting of welcome from Senovio, who addresses each person coming and going, and who is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that each individual is accounted for during daytime arrivals and departures. Efficient, pleasant and always courteous, Senovio is the face of IAHD, and recently, he has taken on yet another role. Senovio is now also the Community Habilitation staff who is helping Victor to acclimate to his new living arrangement. Senovio has shown Victor where to go to shop for clothes, food, household and art supplies, where to go in the community for dinner or church, how to accomplish banking and laundry activities, and in general, what it means to live in your own place. Beyond that, Senovio and his family have included Victor in holiday dinners and special occasions, making sure that Victor does not feel isolated in his apartment. To think that Victor, who once lived in a large, certified residence, is now living on his own, is an exemplary achievement, which has become attainable through the efforts of IAHD’s Employee of the Month, Senovio Hernandez.