When the Women Get Together............

By Cara Levy | 09/05/17 11:28AM

There’s Always Plenty to Talk About, and then, there’s Shopping

On a weekly basis, the women at Bainbridge met to talk about what was relevant to them, as well as to learn about relevant and interesting topics that were selected by the Speech Pathologists. The participation in these discussion was always quite dynamic, and it was so natural to see women engaging in a collegial and engaging manner. Over the course of several months, the range of topics included Women in History, Celebrated Women of Different Cultures, and, of course, Mother’s Day. There were discussions about women’s health and fashion. Activities included planting flowers for the spring and making decorations for some of the celebrations that took place throughout the year.

In August, the group did what women do best; they went to the mall at the Cross County Shopping Center in Yonkers. They enjoyed lunch at Panera and then headed over to Forever 21, where everyone had the opportunity to shop around and make a selection to purchase. Not only was this a wonderful day, but it offered the opportunity to practice communication and money management while participating in activities that were lots of great fun!