IAHD’s customized training modules are used to teach specific skills associated with five different areas of employment. Career and vocational employment planning and supports help individuals obtain, maintain and advance in competitive employment.

A signature feature of IAHD’s Customized Training and Employment Services is its Customized Employment Module Rotation. Each individual is afforded the opportunity to rotate through each one of the five modules: Documentation Management System; Cleaning Services; Food & Beverage Services; Retail Management, and Creative Arts. In this way, each individual can develop job skills and make informed choices regarding job preferences in a broad range of possible careers. Each individual is provided a tablet to prepare for job interviews, market themselves to employers, and connect with others. The job developer works closely with each of the module managers, the individuals, their person-centered circles of support, and employers to ensure that job customization is on track and that the needs of both the individual and employer are met.

Document Management System

Documentation management systems constitutes an evolving, high demand field that is computer based and designed to manage, track, update, store, and restore electronic documents and images. Individuals learn a broad range of jobs including shredding, scanning, creating electronic files, filing, document storage and retrieval, and quality control.

Cleaning Services

Individuals receive intensive, simulated and on-the-job skills training at the center and in community based offices, churches, schools, stores, and other businesses.

Food & Beverage Services

Individuals learn to comply with safety and hygiene standards in a Department of Health certified kitchen, to complete job skills training related to food and beverage preparation, serving, cafeteria attendant, canteen operations, and to work in a fast-paced, high demand environment.

Retail Management

This module emanates from the community based Dynamic Expressions Art Gallery located at 770 Castle Hill Avenue, Bronx, NY. Individuals receive a broad based job skills training including cash register and credit card machine operation, cash register reconciliation, filing, wrap & pack sold merchandise, answering phone, window dressing, pricing, inventory control, sales, and customer service.

Creative Arts

This module also emanates from Dynamic Expressions Art Gallery. Individuals explore artistic interests and entrepreneurship (creating pieces of art, pottery, and fashion to be sold on-line, at community art fairs, and in galleries) and learn to be a teaching assistant (assist in preparing, teaching and delivery of art classes to adults and children in the community).