Family and Innovative Supports

IAHD’s qualified personnel guide individuals and their families to negotiate all available resources to help meet their current and future needs.  Our trained Medicaid Service Coordinators work closely with an individual and his/her family to develop a tailor-made Individualized Service Plan (ISP).  Our Social & Family Services Department provide families with in-depth orientation in a number of areas to include but not limited to the eligibility process for OPWDD services and access to state and federal programs.

IAHD’s Social & Family Services Department hold monthly training and informational sessions for families of children and adults with special needs.  Our monthly forums are an excellent way for families to keep abreast of the most up to date news on issues affecting their loved ones.

IAHD’s Sunday Respite Program is open to children with developmental disabilities and their siblings.  The program is designed to offer working families the opportunity to take a much needed break and accomplish shopping and household chores while their children engage in meaningful activities.  New York City has a wide range of activities to offer and the children surely take advantage of it all.  Each week, they have the opportunity to go horseback riding, play golf, go on a boat ride or enjoy a baseball game.  The siblings who attend the program have the opportunity to spend quality time with their brother/sister while forming friendships with other children who are also growing up with a sibling with special needs.

Benefits and Entitlements:

Managing benefits and entitlements is key to accessing the needed services for a full life and our team has the expertise to guide you.

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