Residential Services

IAHD provides the following residential options for individuals:

Supervised Individualized Residential Alternatives (IRAs)

Supervised IRAs include homes or apartments where direct support professional staff provide 24 hour supports for individuals. Using person centered planning techniques, individuals participate in the development of an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) to identify the outcomes each person wishes to attain. Staff encourage people to participate in the daily routines and activities of home and personal life, as well as to increase their capacities for decision making and their prospects for socialization, recreation and leisure. The IRA offers supports for people, while at the same time providing experiences to foster independence and true community inclusion and participation.

Supported Apartments

This option is provided for individuals who have the basic skills and wish to live independently but require some additional supports to be successful. Supports are tailored to meet each person’s needs. While staff are not continuously on site, they provide oversight to ensure basic health and safety and to assist people to build competencies in apartment managing, budgeting, meal planning, social interactions and problem solving. 

Fully integrated community apartments

Using Social Security Income, wages and housing subsidies, individuals may choose more independent residential opportunities. IAHD is fully committed to working with several community partners to develop integrated housing opportunities that will use technology, staff oversight and other methods to help people achieve their lifelong goals of living on their own.

Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs)

These homes provide individuals with high needs with intense level of supports from clinicians and direct support professionals (DSP). Staff assist individuals to learn basic life skills, including communication, personal care, socialization, health and wellness activities and how to become a part of community life.