Self Direction And Individualized Supports

IAHD offers various supports to encourage individuals to direct their own lives.  Trained staff including MSCs and brokers assist individuals with developing a person centered plan and a budget to help build lasting relationships, and become valued members of their personal and professional community.   

For individuals seeking to choose their own pathway to success, person centered planning is a valuable tool and a necessary step in designing self-directed and individualized support plans.  This tool helps each person identify interests and desired opportunities for personal relationships, participation in community life, development of skills and abilities needed to achieve life goals and the best method towards achieving control and autonomy. The ultimate desired outcome of person centered planning is to ensure that the right supports are in place to assist people to achieve valued membership in both community and society.

Self-direction builds upon the knowledge acquired during the person centered planning process. Individuals assume responsibility to manage their own services with the assistance of a system of available supports. Individuals can gain more control in hiring staff and managing their budgets or they can work with an agency to support them in both of these functions. 

Self-direction offers people tremendous opportunities for tailor made schedules that reflect person centered preferences in daily and weekly activities. Key objectives of self-direction are to:

If you are interested in this option, IAHD has the supports in place to help you turn centered planning into person centered living.